The house of Kalyani Covering Jewellery is proud to unveil Maalyaa new collection of fashionable and trendy imitation jewellery. Kalyani Covering is the unsurpassed leader of the Imitation Jewellery market for over 50 years.

Our astounding success can be attributed to the fact that we understand the market, our customers choices and also deliver to meet emerging global trends .
Every product of Kalyani is unique and distinctive, we do not follow run of the mill designs but strive to create new and striking patterns for our clients. Our designs are suitable for all occasions ranging from daily wear to festive wear jewellery.

Every product of Kalyani goes through a quality control process wherein the cut of the stone, the coloring and polishing and designs are checked for perfectness and then only dispatched to the showroom.
We have enjoyed the fruits of success in Tamil Nadu and are now expanding operations into other major cities of India to cater to a larger clientele as the demand for quality imitation and designer jewellery is on the rise.

We will be opening our new showrooms under the name of Maalyaa Designer Jewellery and we look forward to your continuing patronage.